Business Recovery

Enpower has a demonstrated record of success rescuing faltering businesses and distressed operating assets from financial failure. We commit a large segment of our human and financial resources to Business Recovery. Whether turning around single projects, portfolios of project interests, or entire companies, Enpower’s management team restores stability and vitality to distressed energy and other process intensive investments.


The key to Enpower’s exceptional success: total asset management by a team of accomplished professionals. It’s business, technical, and financial managers – experts in every phase of asset management – analyze and implement the strategies needed to revitalize a distressed business. Whatever the need – renegotiating contracts, replacing a raw material supply, retrofitting equipment, refinancing a loan, recasting permit conditions, or injecting new equity – Enpower’s dedicated team solves problems. Talk to us about crafting the financial recovery of bankrupt energy or distressed assets and other process driven businesses.