Business Overview

Energy and Process Industry Management

Enpower Corp. is an energy facility owner and highly skilled business and operations management company to energy and process industries. Management services are provided through Enpower Management Corp. and Enpower Operations Corp., its wholly owned subsidiaries.

Enpower Corp. owns, through affiliates, Wadham Energy LP, a 26 MW rice hull-to-energy plant in Williams, CA. Enpower Corp.’s home office is located in San Ramon, CA.

Technology and Process Application

Enpower Management Corp. (Enpower Management) provides business and operations management services to the electric power industry with particular expertise in the turnaround management of troubled energy businesses. Enpower Management provides a broad base of management services with particular focus in technology and process application, financial and contractual restructuring and risk management. This mix of skills makes Enpower Management particularly effective in both business recovery and business start-up services, specializing in creative solutions to complex problems. Enpower Management also provides consulting services to clients for acquisition due diligence, project feasibility and project development.

Enpower Operations Corp. (Enpower Operations) provides business and operations management services to the landfill gas (LFG) process industry. Enpower Operations provides a full scope of services including well field management, well field optimization, LFG high Btu process operations, LFG to electric operations and associated business management services. Enpower Corp. is wholly owned by management and employees. Enpower Corp.’s executive management are:

Executive Management

  • Edward W. Tomeo, President & CEO
  • Alex A. Sugaoka, Vice President & CFO

Enpower Management’s management team (see Management Team section) has over 180 years cumulative experience in electric power and energy related businesses. We are prepared to share this knowledge and expertise in business, operations and consulting management services to add value to your endeavors.