Historical Facilities

Oildale Energy LLC

oildale-1In 1996,  Oildale Energy LLC (Oildale), a 40 MW gas turbine cogeneration facility located in Bakersfield, California, was purchased through a bidding process. Enpower Management took on business and operations management services.. Enpower Management embarked on major value-adding programs here as well. Through operations and maintenance improvements, reliability of electric generation to Pacific Gas and Electric and thermal supply to an adjoining refinery were greatly improved. In 1999, to deal with generating equipment performance risks and improve economic performance, Enpower Management initiated a first of its kind retrofit of Oildale’s GE LM 5000 gas turbine with an LM 6000. This resulted in substantially improved fuel efficiency, higher reliability operation and elimination of risk of failure of the unique power turbine that was coupled to the GE LM 5000.  Oildale was operated successfully through its electric and thermal contracts until closure in 2017.

Modesto Energy, LP

In 1993, Modesto Energy was purchased out of the bankruptcy of an independent power producer, Oxford Energy Corp. Enpower Management delivered tremendous new value to the 14 MW waste-tire-to-energy facility located in Westley, CA and rescued it from near immediate failure. Safety and environmental compliance programs were implemented. The operations personnel were trained and provided effective operating tools and systems. Fuel supply and power sales contracts were restructured. Byproducts were converted from disposal expenses to recycle sales. Operations and maintenance costs were slashed. Tens of millions of dollars of new value were delivered to the distressed lenders holding positions in these projects.

Cherry Island Landfill Gas

In 2006, the gas plant owner at Cherry Island was in contractual dispute with the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) and was not delivering on technical performance obligations, which began triggering regulatory problems. Enpower Operations Corp. (Enpower Operations) stepped in at that time, negotiated a settlement of the disputes, acquired the gas collection and sales business and then immediately transferred it to the DSWA. Enpower Operations and DSWA signed an asset management agreement and an operations contract. Enpower Operations then embarked on major day-to-day operational improvements, extensive training for the workforce, and implementation of a multi-million dollar capital upgrade program to alleviate production bottlenecks, which were a major source of the regulatory problems. Enpower Operations provided full operations and business management services, including well field collection system management for the DSWA through June, 2009.

EIF KC Landfill Gas, LLC

In 2008, EIF, through its US Power Fund III, and Enpower completed the acquisition of the Kansas City LFG facility. The KCLFG facility, owned by EIF KC Landfill Gas, LLC (KCLFG), is a Selexol process plant operating on the country’s largest privately owned landfill. This facility is one of a small but growing number of high Btu facilities in the United States and is an industry leader in terms of operating capacity. In late 2008, KCLFG was rolled up under the EIFREH ownership. Enpower Operations provided full operations and business management services, including well field collection system management for EIF through April 2012. During its time as operator and asset manager, Enpower Operations added multi-million dollars of value to the project by implementing major improvements to improve plant reliability and performance, including upgrading and modifying existing equipment, installing new gas collection wells, and implementing safety, environmental & regulatory compliance, and employee training programs.

Timberline Energy, LLC

In 2010, Timberline Energy, LLC, which holds a portfolio of operating and developing landfill gas projects, was acquired by LES. LES is wholly owned by EIFREH. Enpower Operations Corp provided operations and asset management services to Timberline Energy, LLC’s Butler and Oklahoma City facilities through April 2012.